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Hohem Magnetic AI Tracking Module + Lamp For iSteady M6/MT2

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Upgrade your iSteady M6/MT2 gimbal with the Hohem Magnetic AI Tracking Module + Lamp for precise tracking and improved lighting.
The Hohem Magnetic AI Tracking Module + Lamp is a versatile accessory for the iSteady M6/MT2 gimbal, designed to enhance your filming experience. This innovative module uses AI technology to automatically track subjects, ensuring smooth and precise footage. The magnetic design allows for quick and easy attachment to the gimbal, making it a convenient tool for on-the-go filmmakers. The tracking module is equipped with a powerful LED lamp, providing additional lighting for your shots. This feature is especially useful for low-light environments or when filming in dimly lit areas. The adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow you to customize the lighting to suit your specific needs, ensuring professional-looking results every time. With the Hohem Magnetic AI Tracking Module + Lamp, you can capture dynamic, engaging footage with ease. Whether you're shooting vlogs, interviews, or action-packed scenes, this accessory helps you achieve professional-level results. The AI tracking technology ensures that your subjects stay in focus, even when they're on the move, while the LED lamp provides consistent, high-quality lighting. This module is also compatible with the Hohem Pro app, allowing you to access additional features and settings for your gimbal. With the app, you can fine-tune the tracking parameters, adjust the LED lamp settings, and control other aspects of your filming experience. This level of customization gives you the flexibility to create the perfect shot, no matter the circumstances. In summary, the Hohem Magnetic AI Tracking Module + Lamp is a must-have accessory for iSteady M6/MT2 gimbal users. Its AI tracking technology, combined with the powerful LED lamp, makes it a valuable tool for filmmakers looking to elevate their content. Whether you're a professional videographer or an aspiring creator, this module enhances your ability to capture stunning, professional-quality footage.